Photo Sharing Terms & Conditions

  • All photos and videos should be original, meaning you should only upload photographs and videos that you took.
  • You will keep the copyright of your uploaded photos and videos at all times, and Natural Habitat Adventures (“Nat Hab”) will never own the copyright to your photos and videos.
  • If you opt to allow Nat Hab and our partners to use your photos and/or videos in our marketing materials:
    1. you irrevocably grant Nat Hab and our partners a royalty-free non-exclusive license throughout the world to use, re-use, copy, publish, republish in whole or in part, edit, add to, modify, and rearrange your photos and/or videos in whatever media, including without limitation to edit, rearrange, and/or copy the photos and/or videos for use in Nat Hab’s and our partners’ products and services, without further permission, consideration or payment;
    2. your name will always be credited with your photo.
    3. you warrant and represent that your photos and/or videos are entirely your original creation and that use of your photos and/or videos as described herein will not violate any law or infringe upon the rights, title, claim or interest of any third party; and
    4. you certify that you are the creator and sole copyright owner of your uploaded photos and/or videos.
    5. you will retain the copyright of your photos and/or videos at all times (Nat Hab and our partners will never own the copyright to your photos and/or videos);
  • Uploaded photos and/or videos may not contain any image or depiction of the following: (i) materials bearing profanities, or bearing the name or likeness of any celebrity, living or dead; (ii) materials which contain visible identifiable or potentially identifiable information, including but not limited to, phone numbers, website links, street addresses, email addresses or license plate numbers; (iii) inappropriate behavior for a general audience; (iv) any depiction of real or simulated sexual acts; (v) violence in any form; (vi) materials which violate anyone’s reasonable privacy expectations, violate any known agreement, or which are defamatory in nature; (vii) materials which are derogatory to any affiliated entity or person; (viii) materials which are discriminatory based on race, religion, national origin, physical disability, age, sex, or sexual orientation or preference. Submissions that do not conform to these guidelines will be removed from the platform.